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ITN Live – 1:1 w/ Christian Karasiewicz

Christian Karasiewicz is the Content Marketing Manager at StreamYard which is a SaaS based livestreaming platform

StreamYard is actually the platform that we use here at ITN Live

Christian has been in the game for a long time – from his contributor days at Social Media Examiner, his executive leadership role at Social Chefs where his team provided professional training on social media marketing

More recently he serves as co-host of the Launch Your Live podcast where he and Jim Fuhs help their audience launch professional live video streams. So he’s definitely a trusted resource

We spend some time talking about livestreaming overall, and how StreamYard is disrupting the overall livestreaming industry with their go-to-market strategy.

We then get into the 3 primary infrastructure components necessary for a quality stream (audio, video and lighting).

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