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ITN Live – 1:1 w/ Danial Hooper

Danial  highlights himself on social as “Disciple.Husband.Dad.Author.” – I love that – Each of those 4 aspects is what made me know he was a good dude the first time we talked.

Danial works at FNX Fitness which, as an organization, has as a mission to being committed to creating innovative supplements of the highest quality that provide focus for a productive morning, energy to thrive all day, performance supplements to reach new goals, unique sleep and recovery formulas to support any sport, and healthy supplements to support an active lifestyle for years to come.

Danial is the Elite Ambassador Teambuilder at FNX and he put me through a tough selection process to become an elite ambassador for the team and I’m humbled and honored to represent FNX the best way I know how moving forward.

Today we get to know Danial a bit. Talk about the company and then dive deep into the forthcoming Rise 45 challenge which I’m participating in as well.


Danial’s books on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2WH1rr7 

FNX Fitness – https://fnxfit.com/ 

FNX Rise 45 Program – https://fnxfit.com/pages/rise45

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