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Perspectives In Focus – 1:1 w/ Robert Lee

Robert Lee is the Founder and Video Executive Producer of ShaLaLaLa Productions

ShaLaLaLa Productions is a Boston-based video production company specializing in remote video production, live-streaming videos and creating marketing videos for websites and marketing campaigns.  

Robert brings 20+ years of experience in direct marketing for businesses, especially medical manufacture, education, food, and the entertainment industry.  

When he’s not working on a shoot, you can easily find him passionately giving talks about production, live-streaming or video marketing. He’s a firm believer in pre-production, and that the key things for your videos are knowing your audience, knowing your goals, purposes, and more importantly your message.  

Currently, Robert’s been donating his time/resources to help businesses/association’s efforts in raising money and awareness for the hospitals and medical front liners through live-streaming.

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