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The Lab – 01.13.21 – CES 2021 Roundup

We are BACK for a new season!! 

What better way to kick off our new season with highlights from CES 2021  

This episode we had a number of companies that provided our viewers and listeners a high-level overview of their products/services and announcements 

Here are the companies and their representative that we talk to during this episode:

  • Evan Belay | Domalys – Aladin smart lamp for the elderly
  • Carter Wang | Biwin – HP OEM for SSD drives and peripherals
  • Corey MacPhee | Clean Air Zone – Biology based air purifier technology
  • Max Filin | WOWCube – One of a kind device in the shape of a cube (“connected” modules)
  • Ethan Summers | Fledging – Premium electronics for everyone. Hubble for iPad launch
  • Richard Marshall | Cutii – Companion robot for seniors
  • Patrick Sherwin | GoSun – (Solar powered) Portable power to the people
  • Scott Loeppert | Trova – Smart storage devices for the items you want within reach but out of sight
  • Robbie Cabral | Benjilock – The gold standard for modern personal locks

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