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EP 10 – Roundtable discussion: The State of Current Events Part 2

Continuing on with our HIGHLY engaged discussion. 

This time the panel consisted of a women, mothers and people of different nationalities and ethnicities.  

I serve primarily as moderator and producer and allow the panelists the opportunity to, as before, talk challenges, talk situations and talk plans of action. 

I posed three main questions to the panel:  

1 – Protests are happening everywhere, literally globally in support of civil justice and people tired and disgusted with police using excessive force and overstepping bounds. What are you seeing in your area in regards to protests.  

2 – Where should efforts be focused to help drive change in policy, law, perception and perspective?  Is it as easy as get out and vote? Is it organizing citizen patrols. What can everyday citizens do today to drive change  

3 – What messages are you sharing with your children, if you have them or the younger generation about what’s happening now  

That intro track is from Grammy nominated songwriter, Alvin Garrett, who has given me exclusive permission to use his music for this roundtable. For that I want to acknowledge and thank him. You can find that song, “something’s different this time” on all streaming platforms and you can follow his musical journey on his website alvingarrett.com

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