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Heather MacCleoud – Asherah Foundation, Founder/CEO

Heather MacCleoud is the founder and CEO of the Asherah Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships and support to women pursuing higher education around the world.  

Ms. MacCleoud recognizes the profound loss that occurs when women aren’t afforded equal opportunity in education. “Too many women have to give up dreams of getting a degree or certification. Some start the journey and drop out. Others never make it to the front door. They have families and financial obligations. They are interrupted by health challenges, political disruption, and war. The world has lost trillions of dollars and significant advances in health, culture, sustainable development, and governance as these women are kept out of higher education.”

The Asherah Foundation was started to advocate for women who, for whatever reason, started and didn’t finish or haven’t been afforded equal opportunity to education.

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